Real Life Expertise

Here is a small sample of the support and services that we have provided to a range of clients across different sectors globally.

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Commodity codes

Identified the relevant commodity code that enabled company to make significant savings on duties. This subsequently enabled the business to establish warehouses and offices in the U.S.

Steel Stockholding, USA.

International Expansion

Supported negotiations with lawyers in both the U.S and France, in order to move forwards with business expansion to both locations.

Metals Distribution Centre, USA, France.



Negotiated and closed profitable multimillion pound/dollar long-term agreements with major blue-chip company across two continents, including new product development.

Energy Industry, UK, North America, Sweden.

New Product Development

Identified multiple product development opportunities for numerous businesses. Worked with technical, engineers, designers, and production managers. Collaborating with customers to successfully implement strategy to develop and subsequently manufacture and sell products profitably. 

Multiple Industries, Global.

Export Controls


Assessment of goods to establish whether restrictions apply for export of controlled dual-use items. Identification of associated licensing requirements. Worked directly with government bodies to support export controls. 

Recycling Industry, Netherlands, Middle East.

International Certification

Researched and supported development of EAC certification for product development in Eurasian Economic Union. Went on to develop new product sales in associated market.

Automotive, Ukraine, Russia.


Market & cultural awareness


Represented Rotary International on 6 weeks exchange to
Mexico. Presenting to rotary clubs and businesses discussing the differences between doing business and living in the two countries. Worked as interpreter/ translator appearing on Mexican television and newspaper interviews.


Key Benefits to your Business

  • Market research and strategy development, identifying lucrative opportunities and saving you time and money. 
  • Proven track record in strategic entry of both new and established products into global markets.
  • Navigating complex international regulations on your behalf.
  • Gaining a strong market presence and establishment of long term and trusted face-to-face business relationships.
  • Global reach including:
      •  Western & Eastern Europe, North & South America, including Mexico & Brazil.
      • Northern Europe including Finland, Norway, Sweden, & Iceland.
      • North Africa, Middle East, China, India, South Africa & Madagascar.
      • Australia & Japan.

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